Friday, October 7, 2011

Premiere, Film Festivals, & the Trailer!!!

The premiere went wonderfully! Walt’s granddaughter, Michelle, was in the audience and she loved it! She even bought a copy of the film for her brother! Our friend Trace came all the way from Texas to see the film and my Aunt and Uncle from Israel were there too!!! It was an amazing night and to top it off, everyone loved the film.

We had so much fun the next day at Toonfest. We were honored with a plaque after the parade and then even got to partake in the highest honor in Marceline, planting a tree at Walt’s barn!

Since then we have been making tons of copies of the film to send to festivals. So far we have submitted to the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Veil International Film Festival, Green Bay Film Festival, Iowa Film Festival, Myrtle Beach Film Festival, Derby City Film Festival, True/False Film festival, and the Independent Film Festival of Boston. We know that film festivals are very competitive and we are keeping our fingers crossed!

We still have about 33 film festivals we would like to submit to, but submission fees can get pretty expensive. You can help us submit to more festivals by clicking the link below and donating to help us raise the money for submission fees. You can donate any amount you are comfortable with. If you can’t donate (trust us, we understand!) please help by spreading the word and this link to others!

We are really amazed and appreciative of all the love and support. Thank you!!!

Don’t forget to check out the trailer!

Enjoy these photos from Toonfest and the premiere:

Above: Andy with the Marceline movie poster
Below: Me and the poster!
Above: Speaking to the audience before the film
Below: The historic Uptown Theater after the film

Above: Receiving our Dreaming Tree plaque
Below: Planing our own Dreaming Tree at Walt's barn!

Above: Walt Disney World Ambassador, Sara Spike, me, Andy, and Michelle Lund, Walt's grandaughter

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